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Winsage International Group is an innovative art organization with prospective vision that views culture and art as the core business. We have been exploring the world’s diverse culture with the very fullest of our energy and professionalism, offering art lovers and collectors the best services.

The outstanding management team of Winsage International Group is composed of elites from areas of knowledge such as the arts, law, finance, high-end consumer goods marketing, and media public relations. All members of the team possess extensive market operation experience and international trading capabilities. By enriching our professional expertise and industry experience, we are able to provide the most in-depth, professional and diversified portfolio services tailored to every customer’s individual needs.

With no borders in culture and arts, Winsage International Group will never fail to act as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultural and artistic exchanges, extending the Group’s professional foundation in the international art mainstream market, and building a global art trading and service platform in response to the increasing professional demand in emerging Asian markets.


Our Business

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Winsage International also branched out to major cities in Asia and the world. With our global vision and innovative models, we plan our business and its branches with only the most strategically advantageous plans.

Winsage International Group Co. Ltd.
Winsage Auction Co. Ltd.
Winsage Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Winsage Finance Co. Ltd.
Winsage Logistics Co. Ltd.
Winsage Art Club Co. Ltd.
Winsage Art Gallery Co. Ltd.
Moli Art Gallery

Our Auction House

Winsage Auction

We adhere strictly to the principle of integrity-oriented operation, with a strong team of experts presenting to art enthusiasts global accreditation services, assessment, private purchase, auction, exhibition and other international trading platforms, all in order to provide a mutually beneficial experience. Major auctions are held two times a year in spring (late May) and fall (early October). Additionally, many smaller-scale and exclusive auctions are held monthly. Newly added popular products auctioned include ancient porcelain and jade, which will be joining the extensive existing collection of other precious items such as bronze, gold and silver, Buddhist statues, antique furniture, oil paintings and more.

Our Art Gallery

Winsage Art Gallery

Winsage Art Gallery, a subsidiary of Winsage International Group, is a comprehensive arts organization that is dedicated to the promotion of artists, the planning of art exhibitions and the development of art derivatives.

Adhering to the service concept of “making art worth creating”, the company has spared no effort to discover and promote potential contemporary artists, bringing together the elites of the art world, the media industry, and the public relations community, with a professional and global vision of art, and making every effort to create a professional Art service system.

The Art Exhibition Center has nearly 10,000 exhibition spaces in Hong Kong. It focuses on international cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation. Through various forms such as exhibitions and academic exchanges, it strives to build an interactive platform between domestic and foreign artists, institutions, and the general public. Looking for new development possibilities in the environment, Winsage Art Gallery will be based in Hong Kong with a professional and open style and gradually expand its influence in Asia and even internationally.

Our Art Club

Winsage Art Club

Winsage Art Club is a member of the Winsage International Group, which offers elite art clubs, an extensive range of art related facilities, private concierge service, a public relations market operation and a brand-new media platform. In both domestic and international categories, we boast the conceptualization of the most advanced high-end art class membership platform, which exhibits the perfect interpretation of Winsage International Group for the artistic life, while reflecting the wisdom of the members. As of present, the Club’s membership is only available to invited customers.

Our Financial Service

Winsage Asset Management & Winsage Finance

Our professional Art Investment Management team houses members in the field with 25 years of rich qualifications. With extensive market experience and artistic expertise, its overseas asset management scale is valued at over HK $20 billion, and we are committed to seeking high potential returns and risk-controllable art portfolios for investors in line with global networks.

Winsage Finance is committed to providing art investors with high flexibility and low cost of liquidity, with its art financing platform combined with a professional identification team according to the customer’s personal capital needs and tailor-made art quality loan services — all to help customers grasp every open opportunity in the market.

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